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Don’t MAX OUT Your “Bump Card”

I admit it

I am a closest wrestling tragic.

I haven’t really watched it in a years because I think its cod ordinary at the moment (I’d be less embarrassed being caught watching porn than WWE Raw!)

But I still love listening to all the insider podcasts.

One such one is the stone cold podcast.

He is often talking to old time wrestlers who agree that a wrestler only has “so many bumps” in them in their career before their body breaks down.

They often try to give this advice to the young fellas doing crazy stunts, telling them to slow down because it will catch up to them.

But like all of us were in our 20s, we are too pig headed to listen and it falls on deaf ears.

“Nahhhh that’ll never happen to me….!”

This advice is eerily similar to what former Olympic weightlifting champion Tommy Kono used to say…

“We only have so many squats in us, and when we use them up. That’s it.”

What he was trying to say is look after your body.

The lesson here is be smart about your training.

Don’t start squatting 4 times a week because you’re in a rush to get your squat up.

It’ll just beat you up, affect your quality of life, cause achy joints and injuries resulting in screwing up your consistency.

Why do that when you could squat once a week for 2 years and get much better results?

Why do 5 sets when you can build muscle and strength on only 1 set?

This blog is all about training for balance.

Its for guys who wants to be strong, healthy and active for hopefully many years.

Who want to be in this weight game FOR LIFE.

So do only what is required to see results…and nothing else.

Not only will you pay the price in the future for doing too much now, it’ll also affect your quality of life  (ever tried keeping up with a four year old after doing 20 rep squats 3 times a week?!!)

Feels something like this…

Too many people are trying to see what the body can handle as opposed to doing only that which the body needs.

Training heavy allows you to get the best bang for your buck.

The lower reps will build both muscle and strength simultaneously.

You can train with a lot less total reps allowing your joints to recover and avoid/minimize wear and tear.

And not to mention, that doing lower reps, helps you to focus, stay tight and not get fatigued and sloppy with your form.

That’s gotta be safe right?

Choosing 3-4 exercises, doing 5×10 on each, chasing the pump is an exercise in futility.

…Its ineffective

….Waste of time

…Bests your body to shit

….Leaves you wiped

15-30 heavy reps a week on a big compound will deliver much better muscle and strength…

And it’ll save your body

So be conservative, look after yourself and live to fight another day.

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