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“How Do You Eat So Much?”

“How do you stay so lean eating all that junk?”

“I’m f#*king jealous! I wish I had your genetics.”

That’s what a bloke said to me at a party recently.

“Yeah I must be lucky…”

I just shrugged it off to avoid being the douchebag at the party talking about dieting.

And besides he was drunk, you think he was going to listen?

He couldn’t be more wrong though.

My genetics are terrible for staying lean. All my uncles on my mums side resemble that of a prop forward, many exceeding 130kg.

My family happily tag this as “The Hammond Gene”. We also have no ear lobes.

If you couple my bad genetics with the fact that I am missing the part of the brain that allows you to say no to food when it’s in front of you…

Then I guess I have got everything going AGAINST me.

In fact if I didn’t care I honestly believe I could eat myself to “hyper-obesity” within 6 months. (as evident by my gaining 7kg in just 10 days on my honeymoon!)

I have a ridiculous appetite, easily eating 4,000 calories in a sitting, and I have been a long term, lose your mind, outta control binge eater. Been battling it since high school where I struggled for almost 10 years to lose weight; hovering between 95-110kg, all while dieting obsessively.

So how do I do it then?

After reading much research as well as real world proof of others, I realised that as long as you get the right amount of calories and protein, and are strength training regularly…

You WILL NOT lose muscle and your metabolism will not shut down if you don’t eat for a few hours.

That whole eat every 2-3 hours nonsense is BS, mainly created so you will buy meal replacement shakes.

Old school bodybuilders would eat 3 square meals a day and built incredibly muscular physiques NATURALLY.

So all I do is make sure I have the majority of my calories at the end of the day. I always blew my diet at night because that’s when I wanted to really indulge and eat large.

By saving most of my calories for the evening I…

  • Eat larger meals, satisfying my cravings to overeat
  • Get a daily reward for my discipline during the day
  • Burn more fat during the day as Im active on an empty stomach
  • Have a huge “calorie buffer” to enjoy a nice dinner or social situations

That is the best part of it all.

It’s so easy to work into your lifestyle and enables you to fully enjoy and appreciate social gatherings.

Saving most of your calories for night allows you to still enjoy yourself while losing weight.


By putting “calories in the bank” I get to enjoy sourcing the best burgers in town with Chael without restriction.


You can eat whatever you want and eat large.

And people will think you have incredible genetics too.

They’ll be none the wiser and you can dodge those ball shrinking diet conversations at dinner.

Eat less during the day.

Save more of your calories for dinner so you can unwind.


If you are struggling to diet because you like to “eat like a man” at dinner than maybe give this a try.

Let me know how it works for you,


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