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“I Don’t Care If You’re Crying Son, I Gotta Go Blast My Guns!”

“That’s great you missed me, but get off cause I gotta make some mo gainz!”


I got home from work yesterday at 2.20pm after being on shift since 2pm Sunday. (I do 24 hour sleepover shifts.)

I had all intentions of getting a quick strength training session in because I thought both kids would be napping.

Well that was quickly out of the question!

My wife (looking defeated) greeted me at the door with my daughter who is refusing to have her nap.

Then 5 minutes later my boy woke up crying. (Seems to be having nightmares at the moment)

No wonder, 4 year old me would be petrified of Diesel 10 too


I went in to comfort him and brought him out into the lounge. He was still upset cuddling into me.

Now what kind of a deadbeat dad would I have been if I dumped him to go and train at that moment?

…not to mention desert my exhausted wife who had already been alone for 24+ hours with them.

Once he calmed down he made cookies with my wife, while I spent time with my daughter.

Afterward, I went outside, jumped on the trampoline, ran around, swung on our tree swing and dug in the dirt with my son.

Had a great afternoon.

We then went out for dinner, I had a beer, a burger and chips at the local tavern.

So not only did I skip my workout, but I ate a little too much too!

Who cares.

The experience was worth it.

As long as I make progressive strength gains over the long term, it doesn’t matter if I train the muscle every 3 days or every 5. So my workout could wait til tomorrow.

And to lose fat, its best to look at creating a calorie deficit over a longer period of time, say a week, and not be obsessive every meal of every day.

So no biggie, Ill just eat a little less today.

Life is all about priorities.

Is it about abs and biceps…or your family?

For me, Ive been working crazy hours lately so I made the right decision and had a great day.

Sure you want to be a to role model for your kids. To be fit, strong, healthy and the best dad possible. But that shouldn’t come about by having to sacrifice your responsibilities as a dad.

Life is about balance.

As a busy dad, it is much smarter to do as little as is required to see improvements.

By doing only that which is required, you give yourself the best chance of success by allowing the flexibility to adapt to what life throws at you as a busy dad.

Here are 3 simple guidelines that have helped me:

  1. Make your diet as easy as possible by eating whatever you want and simply monitor your calories.
  2. If you are eating less than you burn off you WILL be losing fat (even if its pizza, chocolate and beer). So there is no need to waste time or energy on “cardio” or “fat burning workouts”
  3. Follow a minimalist strength training routine that focuses on progressive strength gains in just a few core exercises

After all fitness is meant to enhance our life, not consume it.

You don’t need to do any more than this to lose fat, build muscle and get in great shape.

Leave the everyday, 1+ hour workouts to the single 21 year old gym rats with no life.

Hope this helps,



By the way did I mention I was exhausted and didn’t really feel like working out anyway 🙂

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