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Meet Keto Kenny

After a long hiatus, I’m trying to get back to a regular routine of blogging.

I find it therapeutic.

No other reason than I simply enjoy it.

To do so I am writing this at 4am. Not to brag (I’m a morning person anyway) but because it’s the only time I can get it done.

All but impossible after work when I feel like the walking dead, trying to keep up with the ratbags and help the missus with dinner, cleaning up, shower and bed…

…and have a second to think with both kids talking over each other, the TV BLARING, DOGS BARKING AND CAT MEOWING RELENTLESSLY TO FEED HER!!!

I swear to god that cat bullies me!

Knows I crack and inevitably give in.


Let me introduce you to 2 people.

Both need approximately 15-20kg of fat to lose.

However, they take 2 very different paths to achieve it.

One, succeeds while the other will inevitably fail.

Meet Keto Kenny

Keto Kenny is 35 years old.

He is always looking for the fastest way to lose weight.

One week he is telling everyone who will listen that the “Keto Diet” is the magic bullet to weight loss.

He is extremely dedicated.

Avoids all carbohydrates.

No sweets, breads, pastas, rice, cereal, cookies etc.

Throws his burger buns in the bin…

Puts a stick of butter in his coffee.

Eats ONLY meat and veggies.

He does well losing 4-5kg his first week…

However Kenny eventually caves under the pressure of this extreme approach.

…He binges on all those tasty carbohydrates he restricted which were driving him crazy!

Poor Kenny puts the weight back on twice as fast.

Beats himself up for a week or so.

Then looks for the next magic weight loss program.

Kenny next decides to give Paleo ago, while intermittent fasting and doing crossfit for an hour a day.

 Calorie Counting Kevin

Calorie Counting Kevin is also 35 years old.

He takes a more conservative approach to weight loss.

Kevin understands that the harder he pushes, the harder it is to sustain.

He would much rather take 3 months to lose 10kg, and do so without turning his lifestyle upside down.

He puts no unnecessary pressure on himself.

Sure he tries to eat a balanced diet.

But if he wants something “naughty” he will eat it without regret knowing that total calories are ALL that matters.

Kev loves eating out with family and friends when the opportunity arises.

He feels there are more important things in life than dieting.

He just makes up for it by creating a deficit over the next few days.

He plays the long game.

Takes a long term approach.

Has learnt from experience that if he doesn’t enjoy it now, then he will never be able to maintain it.

After 2 months, Kev has lost 7kg.

He is well on track to achieving his goals.

What I teach is boring.


But it works.

Stop falling for for the weight loss magic bullet BS everyone else is selling.

The faster you try to lose weight, the more extreme it will be…

making it impossible to sustain.

If all you did was trying to lose weight as fast as possible you will waste years losing 4kg a week only to put it back on twice as fast.

Trust me I know!

Take a step back.

Jump off the yo yo dieting train and cut yourself some slack.

* Eat whatever you want.

*Create a WEEKLY deficit.

And try sustaining a deficit for 3 months.

Youll be amazed with your results…

ESPECIALLY when you discover how easy it actually is.

As always thanks for reading,



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