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My Story

Hi, thanks for checking out my blog.

My name is Luke Johnstone, I am 37 year old husband and proud father of to 2 amazing kids.

Even though I was a qualified personal trainer a long long time ago (2001)…

I don’t consider myself one as such.

In fact, I cannot stand anyone who is obsessed with health and fitness!

You know, that person who is always talking about working out and dieting while out socializing.

It’s annoying isn’t it?

It drives me crazy.

I try to “redirect” conversations myself whenever this happens. (Usually to cricket or Simpsons quotes)

I guess that would explain my hatred for gyms and why I have been once in only 12 years.

You see I believe there are more important things in life.

Fitness is a tool to enhance our life, NOT consume it.

So this blog is basically sharing with other busy dads how simple and easy it actually is to get and stay in great shape.

We are misconstrued into believing we need to…

…flog ourselves with burpees and crazy circuits until we vomit everyday

…spend every day at the gym

….eat chicken breast and broccoli

…count your macros meticulously

If we are ever to lose weight.

Well I am proof that this is all bullshit.

Here’s the disconnect as I see it.

Most personal trainers are…


….grew up as athletes who’ve never struggled with their own weight (most who can’t eat enough to MAINTAIN their weight! What a great problem to have huh?)

…OBSESSED with dieting and fitness

…have no real responsibilities (besides their xbox live gaming thingy-majig)

They have no idea what it’s like for the busy bloke with real stresses, responsibilities and beaten up bodies.

They don’t understand how guys can overeat or drink alcohol to relieve stress or mask underlying issues.

They don’t understand how hard it is to follow a perfectly planned, strict nutrition plan with kids at home (and don’t just tell me to have them eat it too! Dinner is the most stressful time of the day. My kids only eat sausages and cereal!!!)

They think the solution is simple. Just flog us for an hour with crazy, vomit inducing circuits to burn a shit ton of calories. Little do they know, that as a busy man/father our energy is a precious commodity! These brutal workouts more often than not leave us exhausted and reaching for the tim tams to give us a pick me up…making it very easy to overeat and undo the hard work.

We are overweight because we eat too much. Plain and simple. So everything must be catered to helping us eat less. You cannot mask the problem by flogging us with exercise. It’ll just stimulate our appetite and make us exhausted.


Whata rant.

Feel better getting that off my chest.

I always go off course when talking about personal training.

Understand now why I’m no longer a trainer?

I cannot justify charging $85-$120 a session. I don’t believe in it and think its a huge rip off.

All that’s needed is a little guidance.

…and there’s the reason for starting this blog.

I feel middle aged dads are often overlooked in this industry.

…and in my humble but accurate opinion, my story and perspective towards health, fitness and weight loss is perfect for the vast majority of dads out there.

You see I’ve always struggled with my weight.

I remember being teased in grade 1 so from there throughout school I gave up chocolates and sweets (Probably explains why I eat so much now…gotta make up for lost time!)

After gaining 20kg in only 6 months after finishing high school, I began my 8 years of OBSESSIVE dieting balls ups.

2001-2008: Looked the same despite dieting 95% of that time.


I would diet obsessively.

Starve myself.

Eat only egg whites, tuna, and chicken breasts…

But my willpower was so weak by 4pm most days I would find myself face first in a casserole dish of Nutri Grain!

The harder I tried. The more I binged.

I probably went up and down in weight at least 20 times during this time (No exaggeration)

I would lose 5-7kg from time to time, only to succumb and put it back on in a few days.

I just loved food, (even the bad stuff) so much and had such a voracious appetite that I never once, during all that time stuck to my diet for more than a week straight.

Most of the time I was lucky to string 3 successful days together before bingeing.

It wasn’t until I threw all the “Dieting Rules” out and simply focused on calories in vs calories out that I got in the best shape of my life.

2009: Finally did it by just eating less….(nah surely that won’t work!)


I did this eating whatever I wanted, having crunchy nut cereal and ice cream everyday.

Since then I have managed to keep it off and stay in shape for 11 years now (that’s saying something considering how hopeless a dieter I was/still am)

  • I eat whatever I want
  • Eat HUGE meals every night
  • Have a beer and dessert every night
  • Enjoy myself socially without holding back (in fact my appetite is that of legend and most often I become the party trick seeing how much I can put away!)
  • Lift weights only 2-3 days a week at home away from the douchebags, and so I can play with my kids between sets (and be a positive role model to them)
  • I do no formal exercise or running to “burn fat” (Discovered this only made me eat more due to appetite stimulation/fatigue). I play with my kids, ride bikes, walk dogs, work in the yard and play social sports (indoor cricket, touch football) to stay in shape

And this relaxed approach has enabled me to be in pretty good shape all while raising a family, dealing with a stressful job, injuries including a hip that’ll need replacing down the track and having horrible discipline (I still battle binge eating to this day, losing control at least once a week)

My aim with this blog is to help other dads cut throw all the BS and show them a more relaxed, simplistic approach to getting in shape.

Instead of coming at you from an ivory tower explaining what you should be doing, more often than not I will be sharing my balls ups (they are frequent)and how I overcome them. It is my sincere hope that my methods are just what you are looking for to help you regain your health, and become the best father you can be.

I also hope my approach is so laid back and flexible no one will even know you are dieting (which is great to avoid the dreaded, ball shrinking diet talk when out with friends haha)