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Slip n Slide Workout

It’s been a crazy week for me.

I am in the middle of doing 4 sleepovers in a row for work.

So basically, I’m only home for a few hours during the day.

Add to that my poor wife had a migraine last night.

She toughed it out until I got home at 10am.

Then went straight to bed.

Ok, daddys time to shine haha

Daughter was asleep so I jumped into re-enacting Thomas episodes with Chael.

He would have over 100 new trains over the 3 brands (take n play, wooden, trackmaster)

However his favourites are the rare trackmaster Neville, Donald, Douglas and these beaten up old take n play trains I got for $1 each at a flea market.

Extremely rare trains that we have never seen in any shop before in Australia.

It’s like he understands how special/rare they are. Funny little man.

Anyway, that got cut short because my daughter isn’t wanting to sleep at the moment. Got her up to my sons dismay.

Put on party pies for lunch.

I had to go back to work at 3pm so didn’t want to waste it sitting in side. So I dragged out the slip n slide.

Now seeing as I only had less than 5 hours between shifts, and my wife wasn’t feeling well, I was going to can todays workout.

However, we were all having fun outside so I decided to casually start working out.

That’s what’s great about working out at home.

  • NO commute
  • No gym wankas
  • NO crappy music
  • No guilt trip for abandoning the wife!
  • I get to lead a strong example for the kids
  • And I get to play with them between sets

I always start with a power movement.

So I dragged out my handmade hurdle jump.

(PVC pipe with nails hit into it. My engineer old man would be so proud!)


I would do 3 jumps then rest by playing on the slip n slide.

I gotta tell ya, the more waterlogged I got the harder those jumps were!

I worked up to the highest I could do today. Then started warming up on the box squat.

By this time my son had decided to put the sprinkler on over the trampoline.

Party pies had cooled down so I hit my “intra workout” meal.

Now Chael is really fussy when it comes to eating.

It drives me nuts, but I have learnt just recently to accept that it’s just a phase he will grow out of.

But today was different.

I was so excited to have him try party pies.

He LOVES burgers and bacon like me.

Was hoping to add another “Aussie” staple to the list of 5 foods he will actually eat.

Well you probably could guess what happened…

He spat it out!

He went too far…

I was genuinely offended haha

Afterward I had dried the kids, given them lunch and set them up watching the Trolls movie in the lounge.

Between sets of box squats I would check on them and watch a few minutes. My son is constantly saying “Daddy, watch this bit Daddy, LOOK, WATCH DADDY!”

Drives my wife crazy.

I just laugh because he is exactly like me!


So why box squats?


Well a few reasons.

  • It’s less stressful and easier to recover from.
  • It’s much easier on the knees than bouncing out of the hole.
  • Fixed depth.
  • Develops power, exploding from a dead stop.
  • Great for developing the glutes, hamstrings and lower back.
  • And box squats, to this depth are the only thing that doesn’t aggravate my hip arthritis.

A few months after the surgery, I spent over a year trying different exercises and loads to work around it.

Every lunge, squat and deadlift variation imaginable.

No matter how light it was, they all seemed to aggravate it, leaving me in pain for a few days afterward.

Above parallel box squats were the only thing I could do pain free.

You may need to do this too…

If you have an injury, don’t be afraid to abandon the stock lifts to find a variation that you can do pain free.

Don’t feel you need to fall into the ego trap of doing squats and deadlifts if it will only beat you up.

In all honesty I probably shouldn’t do any weighted loading but I want to ensure my glutes and back are as strong as possible to help deal with it….


…that’s what I say…

…but truth be told I still lift heavy because I lost a lot athletically in the 2+ years of not doing much and am hanging on for dear life to the smidgen of explosive jumping and sprinting power I have left.

I admit it.  I can’t let go haha


I finished up my leg workout with some reverse lunges. High reps for a pump, build a bit of muscle and help keep the joints healthy.

Pretty simple workout.

…A power movement

…A heavy compound lift: squat or deadlift variation for 20-30 reps.

…Lighter, high rep assistance work.

And if you’re a grumpy dad like me that gets turned off by the gym crowd then I’d highly recommend you start setting up your own home gym. The freedom it provides is far worth the investment.

Thanks for reading and as always have a great day,

Luke Johnstone

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