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STOP Dieting Everyday

Back in my failed tuna, egg white and chicken breast days…

I would regularly turn down parties, dinners and get-togethers just to avoid temptation thinking I was a badass with incredible discipline (well that and because I have always been a grumpy 50 year old anti social sod).

The times I would go out I would order the blandest thing on the menu.

Chicken breast, salad, no sauce or dressings, ½ a baked potato, water.

(Most of the time this was at Lone Star who had great steaks and the most amazing Amarillo cheese and bacon fries!)

Now obviously…

ordering like this,

turning down alcohol and dessert

…would spark the incredibly riveting dieting talk at the dinner table.

Way to bring the mood down right?

This leaves everybody else feeling guilty for having an enjoyable dinner, because there I am exhibiting perfect discipline.

Look at me all “high and mighty” Jones.

Little did they know, those cheese fries, steaks and brownies were so god damn tempting that I would most often go home and binge eat!

I just spun my wheels like this for years.

It wasn’t until I eventually, after 10 years realized (hey I am a slow learner, too many concussions cut me some slack!) that if I am ever to lose weight and keep it off I will have to figure out how to factor in eating out and socializing.

My willpower is cod ordinary.

So what did I do?

I stopped looking at weight loss as a meal by meal obsession and took a more long-term blanket view.

By that I mean I would focus more so on creating weekly or even monthly calorie deficits.

This immediately removed myself from the stressful, obsessive day to day grind of dieting and allowed me to go more with the flow.

If some days I was hungrier I would eat more.

Days when I was busy and not thinking about food I would capitalize and eat a lot less.

And if I go out to eat now, you better believe I am getting those cheese and bacon fries! I’ll have a beer with either the biggest steak or parmy on the menu, and dessert afterwards.

(Life’s too short to pass this up just to get ripped a few days faster!) 


I eat out without restriction or counting calories, knowing that it has little effect on my weight loss.

I just eat a little less over the next few days, and I haven’t lost a beat.

Does it set me back a day or 2?


But if I didn’t embrace it then my willpower would inevitably fail and I would likely binge eat later.

From a long term sustainability standpoint, this is much more efficient.

2 steps forward. Then stand on the spot (I don’t even think this is a step backward)

Besides, there are more important things in life.

With the 2 little ones, and everyone busy, I cherish the rare times we get to catch up with family and friends, have a laugh and indulge in some damn fine tucker.

There is no way in hell I am going to hamper that experience by trying to diet!

And nor should you.

So take a step back.

Stop obsessing over every meal of everyday and instead simply strive to create a WEEKLY deficit of 2,000-4,000 calories.

Take my word for it.

This is the most flexible approach.

I honestly believe this is one of the main keys thats enabled me to keep the weight off for almost 10 years now.

Having a calorie deficit seamlessly mould around your lifestyle…

Instead of flipping it upside down!

As always thanks for reading.


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