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The Illustrious Return of Keto Kenny


Oh poor Kenny.

(In case you think I’m on my highhorse, I was Kenny for almost 10 years!)

He tries really bloody hard and puts himself through such angst.

But no matter how hard he tries he cannot lose…

…well I should say KEEP the weight off for any length of time.

You see Keto Kenny is also “Cardio Queen” Kenny.

He flogs himself an hour a day.

Has tried bootcamps, doing burpees in the wet grass.

Tabata intervals…sprinting his are off. Many sessions ended in vomit or Kenny laying down as pale as a ghost.

Gave crossfit ago.

Once upon a time he also tried running for 4km a day.

He believes that the harder he trains the more fat he will burn and the faster it’ll fall off.

Problem is its so intense it isnt sustainable and he just runs himself into the ground.

By the end of each day he often finds himself overeating, as he his ravenous, exhausted and desperate for energy.

As dedicated as ol Kenneth is he only sticks to each style for a few weeks before giving up and moving on to the next thing.

On the other hand Calorie counting or “Kick Back” Kenny does not do any “fat burning” exercise at all.

He hates it.

Understands it isn’t sustainable.

It saps his precious energy reserves.(Heck he has 2 little terrors to keep up with when he gets home from work!)

He instead focuses on “eating less” to lose fat.

Saves his energy to do fun activities with his kids.

All he does is some basic strength training, focusing on a handful of big lifts.

Kev also plays indoor cricket once a week with his mates…

And spends plenty of time riding his bike with his kids, swimming, running around playing.

Because of this Kev actually enjoys exercise.

There is no pressure to flog himself to get in shape.

And by avoiding intense, vomit inducing workouts, it keeps his energy and appetite at bay, making it easier to stick to a reduced calorie deficit.

This approach seamlessly fits into his lifestyle, allowing him to be much more consistent.

Again I know its unsexy.

I could probably pull out my arse any old bodyweight circuit and sell it as a “15 min stay at home fat scorching workout”…

But I no its BS.

Take it easy.

Eat less.

Eat what you want.

Do some basic strength training

And “PLAY” to lose weight.

…I guarantee this is the fastest path to losing weight.

Much faster than trying really hard, and failing over and over again.

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